Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Cats Meow!

It's official!  I am an ambassador for the Vanderkitten VIP team for 2014! 

The naked kitties must have been working overtime online putting in the good word for me...meow...meow...meow...

This of course is the perfect relationship for the following reasons:

1) Cats love to get into mischief at night (24 hour racing...check)

2) Cats have nine lives (that's totally going to come in handy on my daily commute)

3) My knee high socks are going to look fantastic with the snazzy kits

4) There philosophy is exceptional:

Since 2005, Vanderkitten has been committed to spreading awareness of women excelling, battling the odds and achieving. From Cycling to Dance, movement has become the hallmark of the change we promote. Vanderkitten has evolved into an organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of successful women and inspiring women by sharing those stories.

This really has me stoked for the 2014 season! 

More news to come soon, but in the meantime make sure you check out the Vanderkitten Racing web page at!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Nights Grow Colder

It was really mean of mother nature to play with the thermostat this past weekend.

My body and bike had pretty much adapted to the cold and then bam...sixty degree temps.

This week I'm finding the rebounding 30's to be extra cold because of it...silly mother nature...always keeping you on your toes!

I will say that the sunsets have been pretty amazing though...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Farley farley farley!'s official...the Farley has arrived and it is without a doubt super fast!

Seriously...check out the picture below!

I'm feeling a little better about the winter now that the Farley is here, built and ready to go. 

There will be no avenue too snowy or sandy...and maybe not even too cold now that I have my retro Duegi winter riding shoes (best ebay purchase ever).

Pair them up with my balaclava (cookie mask) and I'm feeling warm and toasty!