Monday, February 9, 2015

Cold Rides, Warm Runs

This year is all about the fun.

Let's be crazy, let's get weird, let's do something new.

At least that's my plan :-)

Now, let's see how I've been doing with my plan.  It is after all, flippin February already!

When you commute by bike every day, things start to look the same. 

"Hello right turn, hello left turn...track stand...brake...jump curb."

Now, let's take this route by foot.

"Hello blue skies!!!!"

I am a gazelle...I am the fastest urban commuter on foot to hit the streets since...well...since all those who came before me.

Jump the snow pile!

Pivot, turn...slip...granny shuffle...walk...ruuuuun!!!

Its been an interesting, if not exhausting two months.


They have been a lot of fun!

To keep the fun rolling...I'm spending some of my tax return money on something even more fun then running!

New gear for biking and running!!!

Enter my new, completely undamaged phone.

For those that patiently watched me MacGyver around with my cracked Galaxy Note II, you will find my Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport to be...lets not beat around the bush...SEXY!

She's sleek, she has great battery life and she isn't cracked!

I've already dropped her in a snow bank, sweated all over her glossy body and put her out in the rain.

Spot on so far.

I will continue to abuse her and update accordingly...particularly when my new hydration vest, the Ultimate Direction "Ultra Vesta" from the Jenni Jurek collection arrives on Friday.

Its going to be like the first day of school.

Brand new back pack, raring to go on adventures.

I have to thank my family and friends who supplied me with REI giftcards for making that little cookie possible :-).

Now, I don't want to give the impression that I'm not getting a lot of riding in with all of this running going on.

The "CBPT (Carrie Bradshaw Puppy Tire)" Trek Farley has been seeing her fair share of mileage.

However, she had to share the spotlight with my brand new, super steel machine, "The 810".

Lets call a little attention to her majesty.

Hand forged by 313 Bicycle Works, her geometry was custom tailored by the crafstman and owner Mike Shepherd.

Mike met with my chief mechanic and I and went over detailed diagrams for the exact fit we wanted from this frame.

Every last detail from selecting the paint color to designing the decals were completed by Mike, straight from Detroit.

His attention to detail has created a sleek and sexy hard tail that I cannot wait to get out on the trail.

I snuck her out for a test ride when the weather was fair, but after washing out on an icy corner and laying her down, I've  decided to preserve her for when the weather breaks.

My knees and pants appreciate this plan :-)

More news to come once I've taken the vesta on a long run this weekend!

The 810
The 810 Extreme Close Up