Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rain, Rain...In My Face

I rode away from the house to work without my handy rain coat twice this week. 

The sun was shining, birds were chirping and it was sticky, humid out. 

This made me eager to pack lightly and shed extraneous commuting layers. 

Ahhhh...the freedom of summer on the bicycle!

Fast forward to the monsoon we can now call "Monday and Tuesday nights commute" and you will find my spirit slightly dampened.


Fortunately for me, I did have my protective waterproof phone case and my favorite pair of X-1 headphones...which are completely waterproof. 

Not even kidding.

I was soaked from head to two to the point that posting a picture of me would be deemed obscene, all that wet spandex and sports bra sticking to me in unflattering ways...

But I was singing in the rain with my headphones on.

This made it almost like being a kid again, riding through the puddles and splashing myself in the face.

However, the adult inside kept thinking I would need a thorough deworming after ingesting so much street water...who knows what was floating in those puddles!

Either way, if you're in the market to pick up some new headphones, check out X-1 audio.  In particular, I have found that the women's momentum ear buds fit my tiny little elf ears perfectly!

I was dubious that they would hold up, but they are unscathed after that soaking and look like they're brand new after all that muddy water!


Photo Courtesy of Detroit News Facebook Page