Monday, December 15, 2014

The One With All The Stuff!

Rounding out the edges of my 2014 year has been exciting!

Slowly transitioning my bike miles to running has brought on new ways to experience the same old routes.

I used to think that biking places allowed you to take in the scenery...and then...I started running again!

Talk about watching paint dry!


So the pace comparison and accumulated miles may be dramatically different between my biking and running...but...

One similarity, errands in tights, whether for biking or running brings the same looks of surprise from other shoppers :-).

So how did I whittle away the last few weeks?

First, I received the best email ever!  I have been asked to participate in the Vanderkitten VKVIP program again in 2015!

As if that wasn't amazing enough on its own, I also found out there will be three other kittens within cycling distance in Michigan.  How stoked am I that there are now enough kittens here to create our very own mountain bike pelaton!

Then, while out Christmas shopping, I came across a new pair of thermal socks and joyous bells rang through the air! 

2015 is going to be the cats pajamas!

Now, onward to great technology!

While spending some quality time on Pinterest I came across this product from

They're little stretch bracelets you can hide your house key and money in when you go out for a run!

I haven't had a chance to try them out on the road yet, but my in house test of shaking my arm like a crazed person while walking from room to room provided positive results!

Here's hoping I don't drop a key while out and about in the upcoming weeks!

Last but not least, while diligently Christmas shopping for others at REI, I came across another Brooks running apparel clearance item (insert look of extreme happiness here).

This item is the Brooks Nightlife Hoodie.  Recommended temperature range is 40 degree and above runs (Which is perfect since it's been in the 40 and 50's over the past week!).

Honestly, I was sold on this shirt as soon as I touched the sleeve.   This shirt feels like it was spun from the same material they reserve for royalty.  I really cannot get over how soft it is...

This past Sunday was the annual Anchor Bay Jingle Bell run and the perfect opportunity to take it on a test run.  

The thumb hole sleeves were perfect for the temperatures (just enough coverage for the 50 degree temp) and the silky feel of the material allowed me to layer it under my vanderkitten running shirt without having it roll up while I was running.

Really, really pleased with this shirt!

Check out my awesome layering techniques!

And for now, that's a wrap!