Friday, September 2, 2011

On The Eve Of A Great Weekend...

This weekend is going to pass faster then a hiccup...

With great honor I will be beating the crap out of myself while participating in the 31 Heroes WOD on Saturday.  This WOD has me both excited and nauseas at the same time.  Secretly, I'm hoping to keep a little skin on my ankles (Rope Climbs!!!) so that when Sunday rolls around I won't look like a ten year old tomboy in a dress.  It will also be a treat if I make it through the thrusters RX'd...!

Well that sounds nice doesn't it...?  But what exactly is the 31 Heroes WOD, says you?  Read more about this fabulous event at  The bones of the whole thing is that alot of people will be getting together to team up and honor 31 of America's bravest that fell on August 6th.  Simply fabulous.

Hiccup!  Hiccup!

In the wake of this WOD will be Sunday...and on Sunday I will have the privelege of being in attendance for the fabulous wedding of Jimmy and Krissy!  There will be dancing and glorious socialization with the fantastic Meske clan! 

Hiccup!  Hiccup!

And when Monday comes...there will be flat out recovery...hiccup...

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