Monday, September 16, 2013

24 Hours of Hanson Hills

Since we got home from the race Sunday...each night...I dream about eating food...

It's been so

The 24 hours of Hanson Hills has come and gone and I couldn't be happier with how things went.

Josh and I ran around alot the week before the race gathering up supplies and making last minute arrangements for the critters.

Big thanks to my little brother for watching the house and the naked kitties!

Thursday night we picked up our race limousine from our parents (big thank you to them for letting use the van!!!) and then after much packing we were ready to roll Friday morning!

Our friend Brandon came along to help out, but after miles and miles, trapped with us in the van hearing about how awesome endurance racing is...he decided to race as well and signed up for the 12 hour race!

We arrived in Grayling with enough time to check in at the hotel, check in at the race and then do some shopping for last minute bike parts and supplies.

It was absolutely wonderful to have some actual downtime to prepare for what was to come...

Saturday morning I woke before my alarm...alert and ready to go!  Nervous butterflies stayed with me as we ate breakfast...the next 24 hours were going to hurt and my body knew it!

There was some killer fog surrounding the city of Grayling as we headed to our pit...I was crossing my fingers it wouldn't be back that evening.  Night riding is already hard enough with my crappy vision, let alone with killer fog obstructing the trail.

Josh has a great system with setting up the pit so I tried to stay out of the way.  Once the tents were up, I ceremoniously hung up our team disco ball and then taped up the picture of Rebecca Rusch that I brought for motivation...go me a stalker :-)

And then it was time to line up for the race...

To be continued...

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