Monday, May 5, 2014

May Day! May Day!

This past weekend was the one year anniversary of my "commute to work year". 

While I didn't officially take the plates off of my car until June, I started formulating the plan at this time last year.

It's definitely been an interesting ride...haha...

As it happens, May is National Bike Month and to help celebrate my anniversary, I signed myself up and started a work team for the National Bike Challenge.

Check it out here:

Essentially, from now until September, you can create a profile and use it to track your mileage.

In addition, to really help you nerd out on statistics, it also tells you how many dollars you're saving by commuting and how many pounds of co2 you saved the planet from.

I'm loving it!

A few of the girls at work have already signed up under our team and I feel the momentum will spread as the weather continues to warm up...that is...If the weather ever warms up...

But enough about bicycles, let's talk some more about bicycles!

This weekend is the 6 and 12 Hours of Stony.  I'm pretty excited because this race is less then thirty minutes from my house, so even though it starts at 8 a.m. I won't have to get up too early.

I'm looking forward to getting in some solid laps of trail...especially since Summer Solstice is now just a mere 49 days away.  Yikes!

Speaking of SS...husband is now extremely excited about the event because we may have just enough time to swing by the Hockey Hall of Fame on our way to Albion Hills.

This of course will have to be pre op because post op there's no way I will be walking around the musuem...unless they can just put me on some ice to soothe my legs...

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