Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where Did All The Time Go?

The sun has come up and it is June.  I cannot believe it!

The past few days have been gorgeous outside and have allowed for some perfect riding conditions.  Which is really nice to experience over the ever gloomy rain we were treated to a few weeks ago.

Summer Solstice is officially 20 days away!  Special thanks to Steve for helping me to realize my countdown clock was three days some point i changed the end date and didn't realize it. 

I'm so good with numbers and everything...haha.

Josh brought home my special little friend, Wall-E, this week.  He's so adorable it's hard to believe that he packs so much light beam power! 

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time talking to him on the trail :-)

Yesterday I took an early morning ride out towards Richmond and then met up with Steve for some trail riding at Stony before I had to reroute for home.

I took some time to enjoy a pbj while overlooking the lake at Stony.  The days seem to be going by faster then I eat my emergency fish and it's making me feel somewhat sentimental about warm summer days.

Hello sunshine, hello green grass, hello chubby little squirrels...

But no hello for ticks...

The next three weeks will be spent arranging gear, practicing night vision and mentally preparing for a sore butt.

It's going to be a busy June!

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