Monday, April 27, 2015

Had This Been A Real Emergency...

A few weeks ago I received an unexpected package in the mail from my grandma.

Within the confines of a manila envelope sat a piece of paper and a necklace. On the outside of the envelop it said, "Handle with care."

My grandmother has been very proud of my cycling accomplishments, but also perplexed about the path. 

Why I choose to ride for hours at a time, particularly when a variety of other hobbies or family building opportunities are available, has been, a bit perplexing to my grandma.

There was a time in my life, ten years ago in fact, that I never would have been able to envision my current passion for cycling either.

It took time to find my passion for it, just like it took time to learn bangs are always a bad idea (for me) and you shouldn't ride with underwear and a chamois.

Which brings me back to the necklace. 

My grandmother sent me a Sacagawea coin pendent.  For those that have not cracked a history book in a hot minute, Sacagawea is credited with being the interpreter that traveled with Lewis and Clark for hundreds of miles during their expedition into the American West.

In her own way, my grandmother has given me a good luck token for my own explorations and many adventures to come.

Thank you grandma for believing in me :-).

These thoughts were in my mind this past weekend as I found myself plodding along the trail of Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, pushing my fatbike towards the finish line.

For no better reason then a sharp thorn in my tire, I had flatted halfway through a ten mile loop and found myself enjoying a bit more of the woods then I had intended.

The very idea of walking hundreds of miles on foot like the aforementioned Sacagawea, makes me heels are raspberry red like rudolphs nose today (I definitely would prefer to ride those miles on my bike!).

Had my situation been a real emergency, would I have failed or persevered in the wild?  How far would I have made it on foot?

My gut tells me, I would have failed for failing to prepare.

Which is a great reminder to have so early in the season with much longer rides lingering on the horizon (granted nowhere near as exciting or adventurous as our early explorers).

The highlight of this particular expedition was definitely the kidness of others. 

Every time a rider passed they took a minute to make sure I wasn't hurt.

A fellow competitor even lent me a tube and a pump to try to remedy my situation.  His kindness will be paid forward :-)!

It was rather unfortunate that the thorn eluded detection during my inspection of the tire and then upstaged his gallant gesture.

Such a thorn in my side...!

In the end, it was a great day spent with friends and a memory I won't soon forget.  Now I get to plan and prepare where I will go from here with my shiny coin.

Oh the adventures we will see...

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