Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After riding "Big Mama" around for the past few weeks, it was an absolute treat to get on my now rebuilt Gary Fisher Paragon.  Outfitted with a 1x9 set-up and a solid front fork (thank you Josh), the difference in weight was significant...

In fact, I thought for a fleeting moment that I was going to be blown off the overpass while I was out on her maiden voyage, but thankfully, I am significant enough in matter to hold everything to the ground!  I also appreciate the Paragon's discretion, as she was a witness to my failed attempts at clearing a construction pile-on for some box jump practice (There were some canadian geese wandering around snickering at me...but I'm not going to let them get in my head.  Next time I'll max that jump).

The next few weeks have me shuddering, excellent time management is going to be essential to balancing work, training and some racing.  With a little luck everything should fall into place nicely for all three, but if not, I know some good sources to contact for assistance with time management tips!

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  1. 1x9, solid fork, gotta love the simplicity.