Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bloody Hell It's T2B

"Put your toes to the bar..."

Sounds simple right?  Good old fashioned fun, just like when you were a kid.  Well, it is all fun and games until you're up on that bar and you get within a half inch and you can't seal the deal.  Devastating is one way to describe how this feels.  There are your toes, right in front of your face...they linger, they tease, but they won't touch that bar...

You want to scream, you want to cry, maybe you'll do a little of both.  Your mind is frozen on how simple this task is and you start to panic because you can hear the clock ticking.  Time is running out and you have just wasted energy on three missed attempts. 

You're a failure, you're a fool...why did you think you could just jump up there and do this?  Your friends collectively cheer you on, "You're doing great!"  "Get back up there!"  "Put another one in the bank!"  You want to please them, you want to get through this, you throw yourself back up on that bar. 

Take a breath.  Get your kip.  Throw those feet up.

This time you connect...

You want to scream, you want to cry, maybe you'll do a little of both.  You just made yourself go the extra mile, you didn't let your mind sabotage your goal.  It might only be one or it may only be one set, but next time your body will be stronger and your mind will remember and you'll get the job done.

Who knows...maybe you'll even jump down and say it was fun...

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  1. This blog is starting to take it's own direction, and develop a style. I like it! Keep em coming!