Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why I Dislike Birds

The past eight days have been absolutely brutal, beginning with last weekend and the annual "Super Sale" at work (American Cycle & Fitness).  There was an insane amount of traffic thru the store and I had some fantastic customers to assist during the course of the sale, which was wonderful.  However, by the time I finished my fourth twelve hour day, I was completely whipped.

Tuesday night I was back at the box, ready to try my hands at the hero workout "Murph".  My plan was to tackle the sectional WOD on Wednesday (leaving Saturday open for riding), so I was only taking "Murph" on at fifty percent.  As I was wrapping up my workout, I became concerned with how fatigued I felt and hoped it wouldn't mean I'd finally succumbed to the flu that had been plaguing everyone over the past few weeks.

The next morning it was official...I was suffering some serious sinus afflictions, in addition to some serious leg soreness (four days away from the box is apparently not a good recipe for my muscles).  The end of the week was spent either in an ice bath, at work or on the couch.  Ugh...what a waste of time!

So Saturday became my last opportunity to try WOD 11.4, sinuses be damned.  All WOD eve I had dreams about hitting the wall after the burpee's...the bar stuck at chin level...unable to be lifted over my head.  Fortunately, that was not how things unfolded and I was able to survive the burpee's and put in fifteen solid overhead squats.

Conclusion...being sick is for the birds...sick+birds=dislike.

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