Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You woke up today,
Got out of bed.
Fed the dog,
And shook your head...

Nine to five,
Banked the time.
Paid your dues,
Time to drive...

The box is ready,
The bar is set.
Chalk your hands,
Take a breath.

This will suck,
It's going to hurt.
Set your eyes,
Be alert.

Your boxmates scream,
 losing their minds.
You sweat, you bleed,
losing time...

Focus and feed,
Take it all in.
This is your moment,
Let it seep in.

The buzzer sounds,
Time up, calm down.
Sit on the floor,
gasp for breath...
Today is a day,
The first of the best.
You gave it your all,
Went until there was nothing left.

You lost your mind today,
And loved every minute of it.
You won't forget this moment,
because today you were living in it.

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