Monday, June 27, 2011

Drum Roll Please For the MCCF Summer Open

The sock drawer said more socks for you you will take a rest day.  So here I sit completely happy to be sandwiched between Mickey and Danni on the couch, updating the blog and sipping a cafe mocha from my Keurig magic machine.

Over the weekend I participated in the Motor City Crossfit Summer Open, a most wonderful event hosted by my box.  There were five WOD's scheduled for all competitors and a sixth for the glorious few that qualified.  EXCITE, EXCITE, EXCITE...that's what led me into the weekend...what could be better then having an event on your home turf?

Coming home from Lumberjack last weekend I was a little on the tired side.  I should have expected that to be the case after how grueling that race was for me, but sometimes my reality isn't really reality.  That being said, I put myself on an early bedtime to help the body along with recovery and toned down my workouts through the course of the week.  Each evening I coated my hands in bag balm and slept with them in socks...if nothing else...I was determined not to tear...

Saturday morning I was up and moving before the alarm.  EXCITE, EXCITE, EXCITE (remember?)!  And was night and I was back on the couch...groaning and whimpering intermittently.  The day without a doubt had flown by...

One minute I was shamefully trotting through the second lap of the 4k run...afraid to look at Gunny and Mummy on the street corners because I was sucking so bad...

And then I was clinging to the handle of a 53# kettlebell...praying to the pood gods that I wasn't going to drop it on my head in front of my judge the WOD killa himself Bradley Berlin.

Stepping up to the bar for WOD 4 I was feeling a mixture of things...and as the clock started ticking and I started working through reps, I remembered to yell at myself (internally of course) to just suck it up and get the work done.  I chose to be here, to put myself in this position and noone else was getting me out of it or completing the reps for me.  So what if my legs were tired...they could rest tomorrow...and if I started jumping the bar up like I was supposed to my legs wouldn't be so tired...would they?

And then...

There were tires!!!  I cannot explain why I think flipping tires is so much fun, but I have been wanting to flip a tire ever since I started Crossfitting and this was my first opportunity to do so!  You can almost see the smile of delight on my face here...

After the tire workout the final six athlete's were posted for WOD six.  I sat just out of the money in spot seven and immediately felt relief that I wouldn't have to participate in another workout.  This feeling was short lived, as the next feeling was disappointment that I wasn't participating in another WOD that day...can you say rollercoaster!!?  Once I slapped myself around a bit and regained my grip on reality I went to chat with my parents (aren't they awesome for coming to watch?) and congratulated The Karhoff, Donna and Stema for making it to the finals.

Of course, this workout did not disappoint from a spectator point of view.  It was a taxing monster compiled of rope climbs and front squats.  Just enough of both to blow out your arms and legs.  Now, if you weren't present to witness this workout, words will not put into perspective the determination embraced by these athletes.  One athlete learned the technique of rope climbing just five minutes before starting the workout, another learned the importance of using legs, legs, legs and of course the importance of proper taping!

Through tears, exhaustion and appendages that just don't want to work anymore they fought to complete each rep and each round.  Some walked away pleased, some walked away knowing what they would need to work on come Monday.  Those that watched stood and applauded...!

JD, Vinny, Matt, Hippie, Jo and all those other hands that put this event together...gigantic fist bump for being so awesome!  And another special thank you to Danielle Zelasko Krozek for taking such bad ass photo's!

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