Friday, July 22, 2011

Did You Have A Shake Today?

Head bent over a plate of delicious mixed greens, I have a five inch range of motion with my arms before they begin shaking hard enough that the greens free themselves from my plastic Staples fork.  Eating a salad takes long enough as it is with all of the chewing, with a forecast of showered greens I might be here until next season.

Fortunately I am a problem solver and have decided to give myself a three inch clearance to get this job done.  It's not pretty, but it's functional.  Who wants to see a lady with her face glued to a plate? Look no further, she's right here!

In the back of my mind I'm picturing the little tears in my muscles that are rebuilding with each bite.  Have some fiber biceps brachi, how about a little steak trapezius?  Mmmm...steak is good...

Don't forget the water, deltoids love water!

The things we do to our bodies everyday demand attention and care, you have to pay the toll, no freebies!  Each morning I get out of bed with a quick assessment of what hurts and play a little match game to figure out what I did the day before that led to that feeling.  Should it hurt, is there a problem?  Is there reason for concern?

And guess what...I love every morning I wake up with a little discomfort.  It's glorious, a glorious reminder that I wasn't sitting around the day before.  Most of the time it's discomfort related to a workout, but not all the time.  It could have been yard work or a home project, some type of investment in my world or my families world.  I pulled up a chair at the table of my life yesterday and it was good...

Maybe it wasn't shamrock, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate, but I had a shake today and it was exquisite!  If you haven't had a shake today, there's always time for one tomorrow!

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