Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Race, Last Place, Big Ass Smiling Face

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wouldn't be participating in this years Iceman race. 

Then, by the grace of Miss Beth Brandavin, I had a transfer and was on my way to my third Iceman Cometh.  Last year I moved up from beginner to my age group and things went pretty well for me.  This year, since it was such a late decision and since it's the year I turned thirty.  I decided to go for the main event and roll in the Pro/Cat 1 category (Happy Belated Birthday to ME!).

There were big names coming to town for the ladies.  I'll admit I looked up each and every registered rider in the group, twenty three names to be exact (including but not limited to Catharine Pendrel from Luna Chix, Amanda Carey from Kenda-Felt and Mackenzie Woodring from Priority Health) .  It was very exciting to know that I'd be at the starting line with them and a part of the roll out.

Last weekend was my epic ride from Shelby Twp to Greenville, so most of the week was spent recovering and cleaning Miss Berlin.  Friday morning, I had good luck pancakes with my niece Miss Kaitlyn and my mom before meeting up with my transportation specialist, Chris from the D2 Team (aka one of "The Patterson Boys").

Overall, the weekend passed faster then a fart.  One minute I was trying to coax myself into getting a decent amount of sleep on Friday night, the next I was at Williamsburg road screaming as I saw my east side and west side boys coming down the trail.  Finkel, Rayster, Kroske, The Rodd, The Robb, Ben...

As my start time crept up, I started feeling like stale chips.  Too much time out in the elements, unable to ignore the sleek kits of the Pros as they warmed up.  By the time the call up started for the men, I was all but ready for a nap, I felt like all emotion had been drained from my body.

What can I say about the race portion of my day?  I hammered like crazy to chase after the pack.  I reeled in and was reeled out by a few different riders.  Lungs were heaving, eyes were bleeding...

That's totally me on the right!!!
I knew early on that I was likely to be the one to bring up the rear of the race.  It terrified me to know that I would be coming in to the finish alone.  How awkward to be showing up to the party so late...label it "Call ahead seating"...or "Leave the light on for me".

I can only speculate what it meant to others when I came in to the chutes.  I heard Ben, Chris, Eric and the other counterparts of the D2 team screaming at me.  When I rounded the last corner, I heard my Wolverine friends yelling out my name.  The announcer gave me a shout out.  And I had the worlds largest grin plastered to my face.

There's no medal or check for coming in twentieth place, but there was the worlds most delicious Pumpkin Ale Beer delivered to me by Rayster when I came over the line.

Getting My Beer From Rayster
I finished six minutes faster then my time last year (2 hours and 22 minutes).

Eric of "The Patterson Boys" and I had discussed the many different meanings of racing on the Eve of Iceman.  I still won't admit he's right about our tubeless debate, but I will say he hit the urinal cake about what I will remember about this years Iceman. 

It will go down in the books as the Iceman where I smiled so much my cheeks were sore (Squirrel!).  I hugged so many good friends my arms were sore.  I hammered so hard on the pedals my legs were sore.  And I drank so much...

Well, we'll leave that open ended.

Big thanks to the Patterson and Vanhoose families for all of their help this weekend!  It was great to spend time with you!  Thank you Mr. Finkel for collaborating on the upcoming 12 season...let the training begin!


  1. Congratulations. Losing is way harder than winning and you are great at both.

  2. You"ll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take". Wayne Gretzky