Thursday, February 16, 2012

Easy Does It...Easy....

I've really started enjoying my mornings that involve coffee on the couch. 

Getting my crap together in time to sit for an undetermined amount of time, while drinking a cup of hot coffee, gives me the pseudo rush of climbing on top of the podium (not that I've spent alot of time up there...but...this one time...when I did...rush!).

During one of these euphoric episodes, I came across this blog about this cyclists adventures up north, Cycling Into The Dark.  The next time you caress the top of the podium with your coffee in hand, I recommend checking it's really quite an adventure he's having...!

Now...I'm not traveling through the north by bike, but I am becoming quite involved with ice...wait for it...packs and glucosamine these days.  These two items are treating me better then chocolates and champange.  With their helping hand I've been on the bike for some short rides and a few commuting adventures to work.

The only downfall is that I haven't spent alot of time swapping out parts from my summer bike to my winter beater and because of this, my summer girl is spending alot of time in the shower these days!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their February!  It's bringing us one step closer to summer!!!

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