Friday, May 18, 2012

Stumbled Upon...

Came across this on Pinterest...loved it.

There will come a day. You will be stronger. More coordinated. Faster. You will jump higher. You will lift more. Think more. Love more. Be more. That day is coming. This day, and all the days before this one, have been the preparation for that day. You just didn’t always see that. Now you see it. Now you know it. Can plan for it. Just don’t count on it. Because once you accept anything as a fact, you stop striving for that anything. You become complacent, or lazy, or less edgy. Don’t become those things. Don’t lose that edge. Don’t become like the others. Fight to be you. Fight to remain you. But fight like hell to be a better you. Remember, the key to all of life is the striving, the chase, the pursuit of better, faster, stronger — in body or mind matters. Or even matters of the heart. Striving is key. Pursuit is key. Even if you achieved something yesterday — anything, even your biggest goal or dream of all time — well, today is a new day. Don’t sit on your laurels. Throw the laurels to the back of the gym. Look for new laurels. There will come a day. Keep working towards it.

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