Sunday, May 12, 2013

12 Hours of Stony 2013 Part I

Yesterday was our official race season kick off with the Fun Promotions 12 Hours of Stony Creek.

Josh and I look forward to this race as a chance to see where we stand with training, pit organization and just as a general excuse to get out and hang with other mountain biking junkies!
The week leading up to this weekend was crazy for both of us at our respective jobs, but we still made it to race morning with our supplies and sanity intact (note the hulk mask).

Josh did an amazing job setting up our pit, complete with a tarp wall to help keep the strangely crisp may wind at bay.
Our neighboring mountain biker thought our pit was quite extravagant, this being his first 12 hour event.  We assured him while it may seem over the top to bring everything but the kitchen sink, its worth it when you need something during the race.

The first half of the morning went really well.  I was pretty happy with my pace and also enjoyed playing with our cardo intercom demo.

The cardo allowed me to talk with Josh in the pit so that we could organize what we needed prior to my arrival. In addition, it let me chat with Josh for a few minutes in the back of the lap, a section that can be quite lonely...
The 6 hour riders would be starting their race at 2 o'clock and I was looking forward to the extra traffic to help get me through the end of my day.  I was on pace for a decently timed hundo (plus some) and feeling good.

It was about this time that I experienced one of those crashes that knocks the wind out of you.

One minute I'm sailing down the trail, the next, I'm having an out of body experience watching myself go limp and eating some branches on the side of the trail...

To be continued...

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