Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pack and Pedal Part I

Since I started commuting by bike, one item that I've had to sort out is how to carry my essential "stuff" to and fro.

When able, I arrange to have a bag transported to my destination (thank you husband!), but for the day to day commute this isn't feasible.

I've been sporting a back pack for most of the year (husband calls it my black turtleshell) and this is okay, but not great when carrying heavy items.

It's also a big pet peeve of husband and he's been petitioning daily for me to try some sort of rack system.

Enter the "pack and pedal" by Thule (!

I've started using the handy bike wallet on the handlebar of the Farley.  Not only is it lightweight and barely noticeable when mounted, but it doubles as an air bag when crashing into snow banks :-)!

I was able to pack a spare tube, co2 cartridge, extra chemical warmers, emergency fish, tire lever and a multi tool.

There's a convenient pocket in the front for your cell phone, but because I have the world's largest phone (Galaxy Note 2) I'm using this as a place to stash an emergency blanket and chap stick.

Once we stop having epic snow days and I stop falling all of the time, we're going to mount the panniers to the rack so I can try them out...stay tuned!!!

Make sure to check out the Thule website to learn more about their line up for the Pack and Pedal group and if you're looking to pick up these items you can find them at my favorite bike shop, American Cycle & Fitness Royal Oak!

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