Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Saturday!

This weekend my Vanderkitten kit arrived and just in the knick of time!

Saturday was my first race of the year at the Lake Orion High School Super Saturday Fat Bike Race!

After a week of extreme temperatures, it was refreshing to wake up to a balmy 30 degrees and it made selecting gear way easier!

The drive to the race was a little dicey as wet snowflakes began to fall, but I made it there alive and in time to check in and pre ride a portion of the course.

The first section of the race took us up a sledding hill and then down the other side.  My warm up attempt to ride down it gave me my first fall of the day so I chose to run down the hill using my bike as an anchor/stroller during the race (this worked out quite well!).

The first lap out, the trail was in somewhat of a rideable state but by the second and third lap it was more like riding through mashed potatoes.

This actually seemed to work well for me since that is exactly like what many of my commutes home have been like over the past few weeks!

One thing I am happy to report is that many of my fat bike misconceptions have been officially aired out.  I had these images in mind that everyone else was riding through snow with little issue and climbing hills without dismounting their bikes.

That is not the case and now I feel like I can let go of the anxiety I had about "doing it wrong"!

This race was a lot of fun and a great way to start the season! Steve and Ben did a great job putting the event on and I'm looking forward to putting this event on my calender for next year!

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