Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Is Here!

February has come and gone in a blur of snow, cold and smelly base layers.

Now that we're working our way into March I'm looking forward to some milder temperatures and exposed pavement :-)

The high points of February included my husband and I celebrating our one year wedding anniversary (yeah)!  A very special ladies night at the bike shop and two fat bike races.

Somewhere in the middle of that I came down with an epic flu that knocked me out for an entire week and left me a sad sack in bed.

Apparently a steady diet of inhaling sub zero temperatures eventually leads to a head cold and the inability to start a sentence without having to clear your throat first.

There's less then four months left until prime race season and it makes me giddy with excitement to think that it's so close.
For now...I'm content putting in the rides and enjoying the sunrise and sunsets that come with a polar vortex. 

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