Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wings and Things

This weekend we saw our first snow flurries and the promise of winter being right around the corner is officially here!

To celebrate, husband and I decided to do something that is not bicycling, but just as much fun! 

We went to see the Detroit Red Wings on Halloween.

As it turns out, it was a great game and we even had the opportunity to sign the "Get Well" board for Gordie Howe.

As the evening came to a close, we arrived back at our car only to realize we had lost our car keys somewhere in Joe Louis.


Our trip back through Cobo over to the Joe was expedient and fortunately we ran into a member of the event staff, "Andrew", on his way to his car.

We explained our predicament and he graciously escorted us into the VIP entrance of Joe Louis where we met a jovial man named "Pete".  Pete was directing rowdy fans out of the building, but halted his actions to make a few radio calls into the depths of the Joe on our behalf.

And amazingly, our keys were resurrected from some where within.

I wanted to hug Pete, Andrew and all of the staff within reach.

What are the chances?!!

I am not only impressed by the kindness that they showed us but also in the ability for a facility of that size to procure one small key upon request!

Thank you to the Joe Louis Event team!

The remainder of the weekend didn't hold as much excitement, but it was still fun!

I made a trip out on the Fatbike to shop for an "ugly" sweater to wear at the "Hideous Sweater 5k" coming up next weekend.

Who knew that fatbikes can make something as annoying as shopping fun!

There was even enough time to squeeze in some trail riding and two decent, yet somewhat slow runs.

Plus, we had just enough time to perform some animal shaming by dressing Dooder up in a turtle Halloween costume...haha..poor Dooder.

Next weekend will have big shoes to fill after this weekends adventures!

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