Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Beautiful Relationship?

Last year was my first real "race" year on my mountain bike.  I loved it and couldn't figure out why I hadn't found the world of mountain bike racing sooner...

I dabbled in time trial, cross country and endurance events (even a little road racing).  Overall it was a great season and I loved being a part of the Wolverine Racing TeamBy the time October came to a close, I was already devising my winter training plan on how to make myself a better rider for the 2011 season. 

After researching multiple options, I settled on a little thing called "Crossfit" to help get my body in a better place for spring.  I was so enthusiastic about this plan, that I started it the week before the Iceman Cometh race...and found that starting a new workout plan during the race season is not always the best idea (even with the best of intentions)!

So now a few months have passed and while my trainer has been collecting a bit of dust in the corner of the bike room, my self proclaimed "guns" are starting to take on a new shape.  In addition, I have developed this completely random obsession with trying to overhead squat things for no apparent reason other then seeing if I can...

Now the race season is creeping up around the corner and I am starting to tailor my training to blend my new found friend "Crossfit" with my old lover of yesteryear "The MTB" in what I hope will be a beautiful and harmonious relationship!  One thing that has transferred nicely already are my socks...

Another item that has also transferred between both is the common question people ask me when referring to either sport..."Why in the world would you want to do a (insert 100 mile mtb race or 100 pull-ups here)?"  I think the answer to this question is very different for any athlete...for me, it's not a question so much as to "Why" would I do it, but a question of how far can I go?

Twenty eleven marks the eleventh anniversary for me being free of thyroid cancer.  I find it's very easy to let each day pass by maintaining normal day to day functions and if I can incorporate something into each day that might "suck" a little, but also remind me that I'm alive...well...I'm okay with just never can tell what tomorrow may bring.

So now, like so many that started before me, I am blogging in an effort to show those that may be diagnosed with a thyroid issue that you can get past it, regulate and do something outside the box (or in the box for that matter)!  I've been on the fence about putting my personal thoughts out there for everyone to see, but having just gone through my annual thyroid scan, I remembered first hand how alone it can feel to be in a hypo here it blog!

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