Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Rollout!

I was pleasantly surprised with the route I mapped out to the box this weekend.  Low traffic and a few scenic sections...

I only got turned around twice on the way there because of some sneaky subdivision streets, but in the end the Paragon and I made it to the box in time for the Oly Class and a second attempt at WOD1.

It might have worked out in my favor to try the double unders while on my bike instead of off!  My second attempt was not as productive as my first and maybe even a bit more painful since my arms and legs were screaming throughout the workout.  Several of my boxmates were able to improve their scores and/or get themselves on the board (remember that positive energy we discussed!), so in the end it was a great day of "getting some" for everyone involved!

After wrapping things up at the box I made a little detour to visit one of my favorite chiropractors, Dr. Justin Berlin, for a quick adjustment.  After two hours on the bike and two hours at the box, that adjustment was well received! 

I have to say, if you've ever been on the fence about the benefits of what chiropractics can do for you, you need to go visit Dr. Berlin and Dr. Passalacqua.  Not only will they explain exactly what they are recommending, they will take the time to listen to your concerns and questions until you feel comfortable.  Tell them Zuul sent you!
When I returned home I found a certain Ninja Cat that was intrigued by my bike and my lunch...

I think maybe he missed me!

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