Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthdays and Busy Days!

Last Thursday we were finishing up work and tying lose ends so we could head to Cannonsburg for the Fun Promotions 8 Hour Race.

This Thursday, we feel like we are still recovering from the travel and the was such a great weekend.

Monday was back into work and all things catch up for Josh and I both...oh are so mean...

I did commute this week to work, but was fortunate enough to have Josh pick me up twice when the weather got really bad :-)

Yesterday was my birthday!  I had a surprise visit from my nieces and mom at work and Dr. Pope made me a fabulous cookie cake dessert (it was spectacular)!  I was overwhelmed and greatful from the birthday wishes everyone was sending my way (even my watch made me a cake!)!

It looks like more rain this morning but perhaps this afternoon the sun will return! 

Since this week has been more about recovery and less about riding, I've spent some time catching up on household activities.  Plus...RAAM and the Tour Divide started this coverage has been fun to watch online for both of these events!

Hopefully everyone else is having a great week!

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