Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May...where did it go...

May went by so fast...I cannot believe it's already June! 

Today is actually Joshs birthday :-) he's getting to be an old man...(but don't tell him I said so!)!

We are celebrating with Domino's lava cakes and pizza (dinner of champions)!

I contemplated riding home with a cake on my bike, but that seemed a little tricky...

Why would I have to deliver cake by bike?

My poor little VW is on hiatus with a sick transmission,  so I've turned to commuting by bike to work and other various places until we figure out the best plan of attack.

I've found over the past month that motorists seem to show more empathy towards a cyclist with a back pack then when without...

Some days are better then others with sunshine and light breezes.

Some days are filled with drivers that honk for no apparent reason. 

My favorite is when I'm on a designated bike bath, separated from traffic by an entire island of grass and they honk like I might jump out at them like a scared doe.

Having to commute because there isn't an easy out has given me the push I needed to go by bike on the regular.

I've participated in the effort in the past when it was convenient for me, but didn't abide by a consistent commute.

Right now I like six months I might feel differently. ..but that's where possibly a good snow bike might come in handy.

This weekend we are going on a little birthday vacation for Josh and I (our birthdays are a week apart).  We will be heading to the Cannonsburg Ski area for the eight hours of cannonsburg race. 

I'm looking forward to some time in the trails with some elevation.  The past few weeks have been mostly flat hundos.

My biggest worry right now is...ticks! 

How fast do you have to ride to keep them from latching on....?


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