Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fat Bike or Car???

There comes a time in your life when you have to sit down to look at the facts and decide whether you should invest your money in a fat bike or a car.

It pains me to say that my poor little VW will most likely not be up and running any time soon.  She is still quite under the weather and at 250,000 miles, she's earned the reprieve and early retirement.

We've been extensively discussing the option of purchasing a second vehicle, but as it stands right now, commuting by bicycle has actually been working quite well for me. 

 On days when I don't really want to ride because the weather looks yucky, I still have to do it because there isn't an easy way out and it's really helped me stay on track with my weekly mileage goals.

Josh has been very good about picking me up and dropping me off when the weather is severe (and then maybe on a few days when it's just convenient or I need an extra recovery day).

The pocket book has noticed the lack of gas subtraction and overall my demeanor is calmer when I get to where I need to be and know I'm not going to be hung up and unable to get a ride in that day.  Win, win!

To make the idea even more intoxicating, I read an article showing a possible carbon frame fat bike coming soon from salsa (let the salivating begin!).

So the question remains...fat bike or car?

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