Saturday, December 14, 2013

Carrie Bradshaw Puppy Tires

It's official!  The last payment was made and I was able to break my Trek Farley (Carrie Bradshaw Puppy Tires aka CBPT) out of jail (layaway) and not a moment to soon...because we have snow on the ground!!!

Husband says I have officially lost my mind after naming my bike after my cat (Carrie Bradshaw) and my awesome 45nrth tires (Puppy Tires).  So I'm going to help toughen it up by going with "CBPT"...boom sauce!


It is official...I had a blast riding in the snow! 

There are some finer points of bike handling that I will need to work on, but overall my maiden voyage went well today.

One side item...pedaling in snow is definitely a good way to stay warm! I was sweating my butt off from one to many layers, but I suppose that's better then freezing.

I'm looking forward to getting out again tomorrow...for now...CBPT and I are resting up!

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