Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 Titanium Spork Poker Cider Mill Ride

The inaugural Titanium Spork Cider Mill Poker Ride is in the books!  It was a beautiful day filled with donuts, coffee,  cider and lots of pedaling!

Part one departed from the area nearest River Bend Park and followed the Macomb Orchard Trail thru the woods to Blake's Big Apple.

Since Blake's is quite a large venue, knocking it out of the park early in the day prevented exposure to immense traffic and the treat of short lines and extra warm donuts.

The first set of cards was dealt and onward marched the brave donut consuming soldiers to stop two, Hy's Cider Mill just off of 37 mile road.

Hy's seemed to be a hidden treasure as far as cider mills go, there were no lines and the donuts were so fresh they set your finger tips on fire!

At this stop, I also stumbled upon some licorice and seedless jelly, perfect for storing as a potential winter delicacy as the colder months approach!

Wasting no time, the next set of cards were dealt and the riders took off towards the Stoney Creek Orchard & Cider Mill.

It's amazing how almost overnight the leaves turned and even though the temperatures didn't indicate fall in any way, the roadside colors screamed it's arrival everywhere you looked.

The Stoney Creek Orchard & Cider Mill hosted a nice set of real toilets, no port a johns for the sugared up poker players this time around! 

In addition, there were shaded picnic tables to bask in the glow of car-ra-mel (you have to say it like Nathaniel from "Enchanted") apples and granola bars.

Strong in their donut eating principles, the riders selected their cards and returned to the pavement for the fourth destination, the Paint Creek Trail Cider Mill.

As luck would have it, the fourth installment sported some enticing lunch options and a passionate one man band.

Declaring their need for something protein based, the riders ate solid foods, selected their fourth cards and then closed in on the final destination...Yates Cider Mill.

This time, the crowds were bountiful and wait times in line were estimated from 30-45 minutes.  However, the fudge line was non-existent and riders who chose to indulge, were treated to the Frankenmuth Fudge, just like those that attend the Emmy Awards!

As the fifth and final cards were pulled, the coveted Titanium Spork was awarded to the rider that managed to squeak out a decent albeit random hand that was collected throughout the day.

And so, the inaugural Titanium Spork Cider Mill Poker Ride came to an end. 

It had all the ingredients of a spectacular fall ride and will leave large footsteps for next years event to follow!

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