Friday, September 26, 2014

Watermelon Lemonade & Goodbye to Summer

Upon exiting work and pedaling my way home, I tried to take in the scents of fall that have been lacing the airwaves over the past few days.

However, today everything was all about the last bits of summer.

According to the bank, it was a high of 87 and if it weren't for the clawing chill lashing free of the shadows, it would seem like we were still in the middle of summer.

To celebrate the passing of the seasons, I'm saying goodbye with the burning down of a watermelon lemonade candle as evening falls.

Over the past few days I've been pedaling to and fro running errands and going to work, so I'm presently stoked to be bringing on the weekend!

There are fun things involving titanium sporks on the horizon and I cannot wait for them to unfold (more on that later).

This particular story is about a story that I just finished.  Given my curiosity about adventure, I have been making my way through quite a few tales and stumbled upon this book by chance at the library.

It is a true story about a man, his tiny but brave dog and some 4,000 footers (mountains).

I was wary we were getting into a "Marley and Me" situation, but "Atticus" and "Tom" have their own unique tale to tell and even if you can't delve into the story, the pictures are amazing!

I would recommend it for one of the upcoming crisp fall nights!

Now if I lost you at the mention of a spork in the road,  stay tuned because that little story will be coming this weekend!

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