Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One of Those Days

Maybe the headwinds were pushing you down or you felt like freshly misted produce all afternoon as dark clouds followed you around.

Either way, we've all had one of those days where it feels like everyone is out to get you and there's no escape.

Something new that I tried today was a visualization technique.  After assembling all my favorite things (book, tea, etc.) I ran a bath (well first I had to scrub the bathtub because of the cats and their fecal feet prints (okay scrub the bathtub twice)) and then I took a bath...

Which was great, but my brain was still combating the calm and not quite shutting up.

So I pulled the cork and let the tub start to drain and pictured in my mind each of the days issues spiraling down out of my brain and down the drain.

I stayed until I felt confident every issue had left the premise.

And good gravy did my perceived attitude feel uplifted!

I'm going to repeat this on particularly bad days since baths aren't practical for every day and typically reserved as a "luxury", but I've got to say it was extremely helpful in centering amidst the toxic mind garbage of the day! 

Not quite as calming as a long bike ride...but pretty darn close :-).

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